“Fun” with Medication!

So, once I actually met my endocrinologist, then came the fun part.

She did a bunch of bloodwork for herself to test my thyroid levels, and I guess they came back high. She checked my thyroid, and it was enlarged. Therefore, medication was in order.

Trouble is, it seems that every medication that is prescribed for thyroids, be it hyper or hypo, has one of two ingredients in it that I’m allergic to: lactose and penicillin. When I first met my endo, she asked for my allergies so this wouldn’t happen. Unfortunately, it appears that she doesn’t actually know what’s in the medications. I mean, why would she? She’s the one who prescribes them, not the one who fills it.

The first time I had it filled, I didn’t know… And it had both penicillin and lactose in it. I was on a bus home with some friends and… I literally had to curl into a ball on the floor of the bus. When I got home, I called my endo (who was done for the day and I had to leave a message). By the time she had called back, I had done the research and realized it had both lactose and penicillin in them. Her response? “That’s strange”. So I went back in and got a different medication. One that was more expensive, but I had insurance so it was no problem for me.

Unfortunately, a year of switching my dose to fix my thyroid did nothing but cause me distress. So, it was onto the next step of treating Graves’… Which I will get to in my next post.


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