The Aftereffects of RAI

RAI absolutely floored me.

I can’t explain it too well, but it honestly felt like I had mono again. I was exhausted. I slept way too much (and I usually only get 5 hours of sleep a night). I was overly lethargic. I wanted so badly to rewind time and just take back taking the RAI. I felt sick all the time. I didn’t want to eat. While I was in “quarantine” in my room at my parents’ house for that week, I did nothing but sleep and watch Family Feud. I felt like I was a literal shell of myself.

A few months later, my girlfriend and I travelled to PAX in Boston. As much as I had fun there, and there were some “M” rated kinds of fun (because Americans seem to LOVE Canadians), I couldn’t partake in much because I still felt floored. The only thing I got to do, aside from take in everything PAX had to offer, was find a couple geocaches… Which I had just started. I had figured, I was in a new place, I didn’t want to miss this opportunity to get a new state on the geocaching map. But even then, I think I only found a couple because I felt so horrible. I couldn’t even go out and take photographs of the city, even though I really wanted to.

After getting home from Boston, I felt worse. I ended up having to go on medical leave from work for three months because I found I couldn’t do my job. I had already been on a set evening schedule because I couldn’t sleep, because after that week of quarantine, I jolted back into the insomnia. But even that wasn’t helping, hence the medical leave. I took up geocaching basically full-time to try and make myself feel stronger. At that point, my girlfriend at the time and I had split up, so I spent that time travelling and finding caches in Montreal, Boston (I went back 3-4 times), and in Ottawa where I live. I think I jumped from 11 finds before the RAI, to about 150 when the medical leave was over. I was hooked. Ended up getting a travel bug tattoo. I also saw a lot of places, even in my own city, that I had never seen before. But after every outing, I still felt floored. But, over the 3 months, I started feeling a little better, and I ended up going back to work.

However, there was still something on my mind that I hadn’t been dealing with. And it was dragging me down, very quickly.


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