Tying the Two Together

During my medical leave, I decided I was going to pursue going on testosterone. I had told my girlfriend at the time, and my parents, which apparently wasn’t a surprise to them. My dad took it a little better than my mom (though they were both supportive, and are extremely supportive now). As I slowly started coming out to everyone, it got easier. My whole family wasn’t surprised. The vast majority of my friends weren’t surprised. Everyone was very supportive. I think I may have lost maybe one friend over it, but that’s it.

I finally was able to meet with a gender specialist in June of 2013. Unfortunately for me, he told me we needed to figure out how it would work with my Graves’ Disease, as he had never treated someone with it before. So, in the meantime, I did the 3 therapy sessions that was required of me (though the therapist told me 10 minutes in that she was confident in giving me a referral already… She wanted me to work through some traumatic events that had happened in my life first but she could tell I was ready to transition). I informed my endo about my decision to transition, and even she wasn’t surprised. She actually told me she was surprised I hadn’t told her sooner. Things were really starting to work themselves out.

In September of that year, the doctor told me he was retiring soon. So we got the crazy amount of bloodwork done (9 vials!), and they came back good! So he started prescribing testosterone in pill form to see how it would react, and I took my first one on September 28th, while hanging out with my friend Brian. After the next batch of bloodwork came back and it showed that the testosterone was actually helping my thyroid recover from RAI, he upped the dose of the pills. Unfortunately for me, the pills don’t quite start changes fast enough. But we still needed to make sure it wouldn’t screw anything up, so I was stuck on them. In the meantime, I got my name legally changed in January 2014, and started working out to burn the bit of excess energy I started feeling. Unfortunately for me, my girlfriend broke up with me (but I’ll get to that next post)

Finally, in March, the doctor switched me to injections. That actually allowed me to get past my fear of needles. That same month, my best friend went into the hospital (which was a major event leading up to him moving away) so we moved out of the apartment we were living in. I moved in with my friend Bone… Which was both the best and worst decision I ever made. But I’ll get to that next time.


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