Trans Day of Visibility

You know, I usually live my life pretty stealthy. I usually don’t mention the fact that I’m trans a lot. Mostly because I like the fact that people see me as male, and that’s really all they need to know. My anatomy has nothing to do with them, and that’s that.

However, yesterday was the Trans Day of Visibility. As stealthy as I am, I’m proud to be transgender. I feel like the 25 years I experienced as a woman shaped how I am as a man. I mean, I understand women when they talk about periods, I get the mood swings, and I can understand stupid pain with bras and that. I also understand some of the social stigmas that women go through. There’s more, but my “Graves’ Brain” isn’t really allowing me to think, and I really was looking to post this today, haha.

I’ve wanted to get a trans-related tattoo for a while, though I don’t really have the money. I would also want it in a place most people wouldn’t see it, so I’m struggling to figure out where on my body that would be. I’m sure once I figure it out, I’ll save up and get it. However, that time is not now.

I know the majority of my friends are well-versed in trans-related stuff, as I know a lot of people who are trans, or with other trans friends or family members. But I’d like to think of myself as an open book to anyone who needs random questions answered on the subject, or even in general.


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