Meeting My Wife

A month into starting my transition, my girlfriend at the time dumped me. She said a lot of hurtful things, including that I would never find anyone to love me because “I was transgender… Nobody would love such a freak”. As heartbroken as I was not, because we went through a lot of crap and I was honestly over it, it really hurt me to hear those words. When I read up on trans individuals, a reoccurring theme came up where people couldn’t find someone to date because they were trans. So I became depressed. I went into the hospital due to a suicide attempt, and ended up having to stay in a group home for two weeks while I was being medicated with tranquillizers. Those two weeks were hell.

The second I got out of that group home was when my best friend went into the hospital for the same thing. He was miserable. So he moves home at the end of March, and I moved into our friend Bone’s place. One of his roommates had just moved out and it was perfect timing. So I started moving my stuff in. That’s when I met her.

The second I met her, I felt… Something. I didn’t know what because of the aftereffects of the tranquillizers but when a beautiful ginger lady walks into a room, apparently my head turns to look. Especially when the first thing she says to me, aside from introductions, is “Oooooh, video games, can I see which ones you have?” She then saw I owned You Don’t Know Jack… And the rest is history.

Well, it should have been. Complications arose. See, she was dating Bone. Well, that’s what I was made to believe anyway. And she was told by Bone that I was female, though looking at me, she could tell that wasn’t entirely accurate. We ended up discussing it later, so she understood. So we started hanging out. Slowly we got closer and closer. One night, three weeks after I met her, we went to Bone’s restaurant where he works, and she told me that not only was she not dating Bone, but she liked me. I panicked. I didn’t want to lose this chance. The thing that came out of my mouth? “….. Uhhh….. Do you like… Bread?” Clearly I’m the most romantic person on the planet.

It was then that I realized my ex-girlfriend was wrong. People could still like me. People could still date me. In fact, she thought it was really cool that I was trans. She had dated a MTF transgender person before but never a FTM. She’s pansexual so it never bothered her.

What DID bother her was Bone’s reaction to this revelation.


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