Case of the Ex

So, for those of you that don’t really know how Graves’ Disease works, a lot of it is triggered by stress. Too much stress can send your thyroid out of whack, and it’s never good when it happens. So when Bone started realizing something was going on between The Wife and I, it wasn’t a happy time.

First off, we were still living under his roof (though at this point, we started searching for our own place because we had trouble with roommates). Then, he started randomly declaring that she was HIS woman, and I couldn’t have her. Which…. If you have any respect for a woman at all, she is never YOURS. You mutually decide to be together. She is never your property, and you are never their property. Just some gentlemanly insight. But we had decided to be together, so she wasn’t HIS anymore regardless.

Finally, when he decided it was finally time to let her go, he made a last-ditch effort that unfortunately worked to some degree. Fortunately for us, we were able to move past it all but the stress from it just set my thyroid into hyper mode again. I felt sick for so long. I couldn’t sleep well, though having her beside me helped immensely. There was a point during the winter where she stayed with her grandparents because it was easier for her to go to work, so there were a lot of sleepless nights then. Having him tell me fake “horror stories” about her while she wasn’t around didn’t make it any better, though I knew they were all fake.

Finally, after a year of this mess, we finally found a place to move to and did that as quickly as possible… Then took a little vacation.


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