Travelling in Transition

My wife and I had decided to travel across the country, since she hadn’t really been anywhere more than around Ottawa, aside from a couple times, and even then wasn’t very far. I secretly brought her out there so I could propose as well, but she didn’t know that.

The bus took three days so it was pretty intense, but we both got to see so much of this beautiful country. I had never been further west than Niagara Falls so it was really cool to see the Prairies, and then the Rocky Mountains. We got to Vancouver, checked into the AirBNB, showered (because no level of deodorant can get off 3 days worth of stench) and passed out.

Now, during this trip, I met her mother. Her mother has no clue I’m transgender (ans still doesn’t). I live pretty stealthy so there was no point in time where I would want to tell her. But I know some things I do sort of make it a huge giveaway sometimes. That, or people just think I’m seriously odd. But the visit went off no problem, and it was a lot of fun. The week of travelling came so suddenly (and I did end up proposing and she said yes, obviously) and it was time to go back home.

Now, on the bus, I didn’t wear my binding shirts because it didn’t make sense to. On the way home, however, I wished I had because during the section between Regina and Winnipeg, a gentleman got hammered and started wandering up and down the aisles. He ended up rubbing my chest after drunkenly exclaiming “I’m…. going to touch you.”… Which obviously didn’t sit well with me but I’m glad it was me over my wife! He ended up touching a girl behind me as well and warranted a booting off the bus and a police visit. Which was fun. But we were back on our way after that.


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