The Wedding

So, last August, my wife and I finally got married. However, it wasn’t as easy as we thought it would be.

We had everything set up: It was taking place on my parents’ lawn, we got the tent, the tables and chairs and all the decorations, the photographer, etc. She had her dress, I had my suit, the maid of honour and the best man both had their wardrobe and the rings were present. The caterers arrived and served food, and everything was going well…

… until the Justice of the Peace didn’t show up. Turns out, she decided she was going to do another wedding and took off. She claims it’s because we didn’t call the day before, but my mom had confirmed it with her two days before, so it didn’t make sense. my thoughts turned to “well, maybe she saw I hadn’t changed my gender marker yet and that means it’s technically a gay marriage, so she didn’t want to do it”… But Justice of the Peace isn’t a religious thing, which is why we went with them to begin with.

My panic grew. Graves Disease makes it so that I react HORRIBLY under stress, and being on testosterone misplaces that stress as anger. I freaked out. I punched the punching bag for a while, while my soon-to-be wife stayed calm and mingled with the guests. Meanwhile, both my best friend and cousin decided to get ordained, so they were both on their phones, doing that. Two hours later, one of the caterers actually got another Justice of the Peace, and the wedding was back on!

The rest of the day went off perfectly (minus some family members getting wasted and ruining the rental tablecloths), though when we got home from the wedding, I passed out immediately instead of us going to a hotel like planned. Stress knocks me out. I don’t normally have the best sleep but falling asleep that night was easy and I stayed asleep for almost 8 hours, which is a miracle.


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