The Unpopular Opinion

So, about a week back, I was scrolling an FTM group that I just joined on Facebook. I tend to join groups about being FTM and having Graves Disease (though clearly not together because I honestly don’t know anyone with both of these as well)… I found this one post. 

The post was by someone I didn’t know was underage at the time but it basically was something to the effect that he was upset his girlfriend wanted to sleep with a cis man. Most comments said she was a whore and to drop her. But I had a separate opinion. 

I commented that not everyone that craves something else once in a while is a whore. I said maybe they should sit down and have a conversation about it instead of dropping her like dead weight. I compared it to “having chicken all the time but craving a steak”… 

I was met with a lot of insults. Saying I clearly wasn’t good enough for my wife. That my wife was a whore. That my wife is super disrespectful. That she doesn’t care about me at all. And that I was inadequate. All because I said maybe not everyone who craves something different once in a while is a whore. 

Then, suddenly, a lot of things started making sense. All the people who express opinions online, when they have unpopular opinions, get tons of hate. It’s clearly just the way they think. I mean, to have an opinion that gay people should die or be in concentration camps like what’s going on in Russia is clearly not an opinion someone should have. But it’s their opinion. As much as I may want to hate on someone for having a horrible opinion, I don’t think I would ever say something again. 

Bottom line, I’m going to keep my mouth shut on things like this from now on. I don’t think my stress levels can handle it. 


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