So Much Surgery!

So, recently I’ve been scrolling through my Facebook feed, and since I belong to a bunch of groups, it makes sense that I mostly see that. However, recently, both the Graves’ group and the FTM group have mostly been about surgery. In the Graves’ group, it’s people getting thyroidectomies to remove the thyroid instead of getting RAI. In the FTM group, it’s chest surgery and hysterectomies. I’m jealous.

I’m jealous that I couldn’t get a thyroidectomy because RAI causes a higher increase for cancer. It also gave me all the symptoms of Graves’ that I was actually avoiding. I never had increased fatigue, or random hives, or anything I get now. I never felt this sick, dizzy and itchy before this. I’d give anything to reverse it.

I’m also jealous I can’t get my chest surgery sooner. I know I’m on the waitlist for the surgeon now so it’s just a matter of time and patience but I’ve been waiting 3 years. I’m just sick of waiting at this point and want it done and over with so I can get on with my life. I’ve been delaying getting my passport done because I don’t want to change my gender marker before I get the surgery done, and I already get weird looks with my health card, so I’m assuming a passport with the “wrong gender” would get a lot of weird looks, and potentially would screw up travel.

As it stands, the only surgery I’ve had is dental surgery, and that’s because I’m working towards getting dentures so in order to pull multiple teeth with my anxiety, they put me under for it. Which I recently learned is really bad for me, but that’s for another time.


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