Transphobia Never Wins (part 1)

So, after a long absence that saw my wife and I move to a new apartment, I’m back.

I’ve had a hell of a couple weeks, work-wise. You see, I have this coworker… She got me the job where I’ve been employed for two years now. We were friends before I got the job there. She also knew me pre-transition. I guess, for some reason, that allowed her in her mind to say things she shouldn’t, like call me “she” to customers and call me “girl”. Or out me to other employees.

It stopped for a good year because I had made a complaint to my boss about it. But recently, we hired a new woman in the cosmetics department who happens to be transgender as well, and there were some transphobic things that went on, which ended up starting this woman on her transphobic tirade towards me again. Asking to see photos of me as a girl, asking if I still had my tits, etc. All while on the floor, in front of customers. I absolutely lost it.

Then, I found out about a complaint put in by a separate coworker about the treatment of the transwoman in cosmetics. My boss came up to me and asked me to put what I went through in writing. So I did. I talked about all the times I got outed (with a coworker backing me up on that), all the times she misgendered me in front of customers (with another coworker backing me up on that), and all the shitty things she said or did to me. I sent it off in an email on Monday, which caused me severe anxiety because this coworker has been complained about so many times, and has had so many write-ups, we deemed her ‘unfireable’.

Yesterday, my boss came up to me and thanked me for the email. He then told me that this coworker is no longer with the company, due to breaking company policy. I don’t even think I could put into words what I was feeling at that moment. I felt like it was a huge win. Not just for me, but for the agender cashier I work with that was also mistreated by this awful woman. Not to mention the other cashiers, who she was generally horrible towards, and all the customers who she ignored or was rude to for absolutely no reason at all.

But then I found out just how shitty this woman really is…


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