Transphobia Never Wins (part 2)

So back to the woman that got fired.

After I found out she got fired, I was talking to the coworker that made the initial complaint about transphobia in the workplace. He started telling me this story about two weeks ago and my blood just boiled.

I guess he was hanging out with a few of our coworkers (including the lady), and I guess they were drinking? Anyway, this girl just randomly started trashing me (though he wouldn’t tell me what she said so I wouldn’t be more upset), then she got up, started swaying her hips and doing this weird sashay, and said “Hey look, I’m [my name]!” The coworker who made the complaint looked around, noticed none of the other people even cared about what she was doing, and decided to say something.

He turned to her and said “I’ve known [my name] for over a year and I’ve never seen him walk like that…”, to which she said “But it’s funny because she used to be a girl!” He then starts getting pissed and says “Ok, you need to let that go!” I guess after that, it turned into a verbal war between the two of them.

He told me this and I could feel my blood start to boil. I used to think she was doing this because either she was 40 and set in her ways, or because of a culture difference (she’s middle eastern), but I guess it’s just because she’s a transphobic piece of shit. She was doing this on purpose! Furthermore, it went to show that hardly anyone thinks transphobia is enough to speak up against. These are people I work with full-time! It’s hard to look them in the eye now.

But I did learn that I do have some people who have my back. It surprised me who got mad on my behalf. And the lady is gone, so hopefully this stuff stops. I don’t have her on any social media but I think I’m going to search her and block her, just to be on the safe side. I don’t want to associate with anyone who is transphobic.


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